NSX LiveFire / HIT (High Intensity Transfer of Information) Training

Last week, I attended the VMware NSX HIT (High Intensity Transfer of Information) course in the VMware EMEA HQ in Staines, UK.

NSX LiVefireThis training is hosted and taught by the VMware Global Services Advanced Architecture Support team. As part of the three day event, participants are equipped with a NSX use case centric course developed specifically for VMware NSX partners. During the three days we were given the knowledge and skills to implement and deliver complex NSX solutions through deep-dive, expert-to-expert training. NSX LiveFire / HIT includes architectural overviews, workshops, customer use-cases, and extensive hands-on lab exercises.

With a mix of VMware infrastructure, networking and security people from all over North Europe; it was a fantastic mixture of technology viewpoints and a wealth of experience that made for an amazing few days.

With an abundance of real world knowledge from the VMware architects acting as instructors/facilitators from UK, India and Australia we had an opportunity to not only be able to draw on their experience but peer-to-peer knowledge and viewpoints that was invaluable to all the participants.

The training is dynamic in nature and has the flexibility to take the learnings from previous courses and add value to the next course. Therefore, no two LiveFire / HIT trainings are the same but here is the agenda from the course last week:


  • Review and Baseline Knowledge around Networking and NSXVMware UK in Staines
    • What’s New in NSX 6.2
    • Upgrade Paths and Considerations
  • Integrating NSX to the Physical Infrastructure
  • Dynamic Routing Integration and Operations
  • Review Common Use Cases
    • Security and Micro-segmentation
    • Multi-Site / Multi-vCenter
    • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
    • Cloud Management Platform Integration
    • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Operations and Troubleshooting
  • Available VMware Resources for Partners

If you get the offer and oppotunity to attend this (As its by invitation to VMware Partners only) or other of VMware’s LiveFire / HIT training I would certainly recommend it to you and suggest to your boss that you will be a better asset to them as a result of these training events.

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