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If you have ever wondered what the statuses attached to profiles in the VMware Communities (VMTN) forum are? Or want to get more involved in helping the VMware community out by asking/answering questions; I hope this is helpful to you.

Below is a list of VMTN statuses that I have come across (If there are more, please let me know and I’ll add them in)

VMTN StatusPoints
0 – 5
6 – 50
VMTNEnthusiastEnthusiast51 – 250
VMTNhotshotHot Shot251 – 750
VMTNexpertExpert751 – 2000
VMTNmasterMaster2001 – 5000
VMTNvirtuosoVirtuoso5001 – 10000
VMTNchampionChampion10001 – 20000
VMTNguruGuru20001 – 50000
VMTN Status
VMTNvmwareVMware Employee
VMTNmoderatorVMware VMTN Moderator
VMTNvexpertVMware vExpert

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