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I was never sure why people blog… I was never sure if it was just an symptom of an inner need for people to say “hey, look at me” or something else that I just couldn’t quite fathom…. But over the last year, I have been studying for various technical qualifications, most of the best resources have come from people who have blogged their knowledge to the world. The more I have read blogs, the more I have met the people that write them, it has become clearer to me that it is a labour of love. For many, that have been privileged to not only have an education but to have taught, instructed and mentored people there is another dimension… A way to give back to the world a little bit of that knowledge that you have collected over the years. I have taught, given presentations, run webinars, written exams and written web based training to thousands of people over the years, and one simple truth has always stood out: If you want to understand something well, teach it.

So, with that in mind; I’m going to start to write some of my experiences, successes and failings as I go through my IT career. Hopefully someone, somewhere will learn from my experiences.

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